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"Where do you want to eat?" | Your Weight Loss Journey

How many times have you asked that question?  "Where do you want to eat?"  "I don't know.  Where do you want to eat?"  And so the conversation goes on and on until someone finally decides.  So much of our life and social life is spent around where and what we are going to eat.  This really can be a challenge for the weight loss surgery patient.  In a world focused on food, it can be hard to make good choices.  Probably before surgery, the restaurant or meal that you decided on didn't really  matter so much.  However, now that everything is protein, what can I eat?

One of the keys to eating out with others is to actually NOT focus on the food you are eating, and  I do not mean to not pick healthy choices.  What I mean is that if you are eating out or are eating at a family get together, the focus should be on the social aspect of the encounter--not so much the food.  When was the last time that you had a meal with someone and really focused on the conversation and not what you were going to order--and if it came with extra sauce.  Too often in our lives we don't focus on who we are with or in the moment.  That family dinner that you have scheduled might be about Aunt Maggie's bean salad--but when was the last time you actually sat and talked with Aunt Maggie.

The next time you go out for a meal with an associate, friend or family memeber make a point that you are going to really listen and focus in on the conversation.  How are they doing?  What is going on in their lives?  Really spend time focusing on them and what is being said.  You will probably be amazed how easy it is to not overeat.   You will be really amazed at how much more you got out of the mean than just calories.


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