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Dr. Bailey enjoys an active partnership with the providers in a patient’s life. When a primary care doctor or a psychiatrist refers a patient directly, Dr. Bailey obtains a release of information from the patient so she can update the referring doctor as to the patient’s status in therapy or the results of an assessment. She firmly believes it takes more than one person to help a patient succeed.

In order for your patient to get a priority appointment, make sure you let them know to mention that you referred them.

For physicians or programs that offer a high volume of referrals to Dr. Bailey, she can negotiate a discounted cash rate for those patients.

Dr. Bailey is happy to come to your office in person to meet with you and your staff to talk about her services. In addition, she can send you new patient packets to give to your patients to ease the referral process for the patient.

For more information, contact Dr. Bailey at (813) 720-7411 or

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