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Laughter can be the  best medicine!

The call no woman wants to get, when you hear your doctor say, “I’m sorry you have breast cancer.” While this was the beginning of Dr. Melissa Bailey’s breast cancer journey, she didn’t let the “pink hell” of it all get the best of her.

In her new book, Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks, Dr. Bailey shares the unique story of her breast cancer journey through her Seinfeld-type humor in the ups and downs of “pink hell.”

Order your copy of Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks on in paperback or Kindle format.

Pink Hell Breast Cancer Sucks Cover_edit

A must read! Cancer tends to be one of those depressing and sad topics with the literature to match. Not this book! Extremely insightful and very comically witty.

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A wonderful insight to dealing with a difficult situation. Funny, witty, real... I just couldn't put it down! She's adorable! !!

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Can’t put this book down – Dr. Bailey takes me from tears to laughter on her personal breast cancer journey!

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Winner of Best Overall Book Award!

Tampa Bay Author Awards
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