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Mindful Eating | Your Weight Loss Journey

One of the things that weight loss surgery forces you to do is to SLOW down your eating. It is something that all of us--whether we have had surgery or not--could try. How often have you sat in front of the television mindlessly eating chips or some other snack and before you knew it--it was gone. Have you ever walked by a co-workers candy dish and before you knew it you had a handful of candy in your mouth.

Each day many of us eat mindlessly. This type of eating--eating without really thinking about what we are doing--can really stop us from achieving our weight loss goals. Jon Kabat-Zinn is a psychologist who has developed a clinic where "mindfulness" is a way of life. Mindfulness is simply learning how to pay attention to the here and now. We don't let what has happened in the past or the worries of the future crowd what we are doing now. Think about it. If you really gave every bite that you took more attention you would probably be eating smarter.

How do you become more mindful? You can start by PAYING ATTENTION to the things around you. Also starting a meditation program each day. Think you don't have time? Meditation can start with deep breathing for only a COUPLE OF MINUTES A DAY.

Assignment for the week---pay attention to ever morsel you put in your mouth.


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